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Mitzvah Day: All come together to cook lentil soup & vegetable curry

On Sunday 18th November 2018  at the JW3 centre on Finchley Rd, Hendon Mosque participated in this year’s mitzvah day event.
Ladies from Hendon Mosque, the Bravanese Centre in Muswell Hill, and other local faith communities came together to make soup for local homeless shelters.
Hendon Mosque was represented by sisters Sufia Kadri, Farah Kadiri, Rihana Raja & Atiya Raja.

Mitzvah Day is a day in the Jewish Calendar of social action to bring people together. It involves people of different faiths, coming together to work on a collaborative project for the betterment of the local community.

This years activity  started on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Sisters Rihana & Farah  got cracking on the mounds of carrots, potatoes, garlic, and onions  which needed peeling and chopping. At another table, our young star Atiya was hard away on the preparation of vegetable curry with  Sufia. They finished in time for the 4pm deadline to deliver to the homeless shelter.  It was  an excellent all round team effort from all the various communities and faith groups  that participated.

These grassroot initiatives are vital because they work to change the hearts and minds of everyone – and it’s our women who are the greatest drivers in changing hearts. The Muslim community is very traditional; its backbone are the mothers, daughters and sisters. If Muslim and Jewish women are seen to be engaging together, then a generation will follow. This is why we must continue to create opportunities like these, they are so very important, as it develops those relationships.

Laura Marks, the founder and chair of Mitzvah Day said “There was a common perception that Jews and Muslims did not get on. But Mitzvah Day is about the common values that underlie both religions – the commitment to social action and social justice. We are both commanded by our faith to do good deeds and contribute to society”.

Hendon Mosque is grateful to all our muslim brothers and sisters that came forward all over London, from our imams, and elders to young people and others for taking part in Mitzvah Day.

Article written by Interfaith coordinator

Sunday 18th November 2018

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