Nikaah Service (Islamic Marriage):

Nikaah is a great blessing and a form of worship. In Sharia law, Nikah is viewed as a contract by both parties agree to live as husband and wife in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).

Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre offer the service of conducting a Nikaah (Islamic Marriage) and the English Marriage Registry (Civil Marriage) to the Muslim Community in London.

The Nikaah can be conducted in the Mosque or a preferred venue. If you wish to have the Nikaah conducted at an external venue, you have to ensure the civil marriage is completed in the council prior to the Nikaah date. 

If you wish to have the Civil Marriage conducted along with the Nikaah in our Masjid, please give your notice of intent in your local council and inform them you wish to have the civil marriage conducted via Hendon Mosque. 

Please note it is necessary for the couple to have their civil marriage complete before we can conduct the Nikaah. 

Documents required for Nikaah:

  • Copy of Passport – Both bride and groom must provide a copy of their passport
  • Proof of Address –  Both bride and groom must provide a copy of their proof of address
  • Conversion Certificate (if applicable) – If either the bride or groom has converted to Islam then they must provide a conversion certificate
  • Divorce Certificate (if applicable) – If the bride was previously married, she must provide a divorce certificate

Nikaah Certificate:

Nikaah certificate provides written proof of the lawful Islamic Halal Relationship. There will be 2 copies of the contract signed by all parties:

1 given to the Groom,

1 given to the Bride,

The names on the photo ID will be the names that will be written on the Nikaah certificate. We will not write any other names.

Civil Marriage certificate will be given by the council. We will advise you on the day of the ceremony on how to obtain it. 

Nikaah Fees:


Once the office has confirmed your booking, please make payment to the following account:

Barclays Bank

Name: Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre

Sort code: 20-37-16

Account number: 83068382

Reference: (Surname & Date of Nikah)