Hendon Mosque has been providing burial services to the Muslim community for many years.

We have a fully-equipped vehicle on standby and are usually able to carry out burials the next day (subject to availability of burial certificates) , in any cemetery around London.

We have all the equipment, dedicated staff and qualified volunteers required to provide a full service for men and women in a manner that complies with the Shari’ah.

Furthermore, our services meet the professional standards required by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and we have been a member of the NAFD for a number of years.

Our services include:

  • Collecting the deceased from hospital or home (within 5 miles radius).
  • The final bathing (ghusl) of the deceased.
  • The shrouding (kafan) of the deceased.
  • 48hr use of our mortuary.
  • The supply of a suitable coffin/casket.
  • Janaazah prayer at a Mosque or Cemetery.
  • Transport for the deceased to the cemetery within 5 miles radius of the Mosque.
  • The Imam’s services upon request.

For details about the CT-Scan as opposed to the post-mortem, please contact us.

Muslim law and tradition have endowed a Muslim’s funeral with profound religious significance and it should, in every respect , express the dignity, sanctity and modesty of a solemn religious service.

The five stages that follow the death of a Muslim are:

The final bathing (ghusl) of the deceased – Tajheez.

The shrouding (kafan) of the deceased – Takfeen.

The funeral prayers – Janazah Salah.

The funeral procession – Carrying the bier to the grave.

The burial of the deceased – Tadfeen.

It is very important to complete the above stages as quickly as possible, for Rasulullah (saw) has emphasised:

“Make haste at a funeral; if the dead person was good, it is a good state to which you are sending him on; but if he was otherwise it is an evil of which you are ridding yourselves.”

Even if the person dies on a Friday, the scholars have stated, “it is better to make all arrangements and bury the deceased before Jumu’ah salah” and that “delaying the funeral with the thought that there will be more participants after jumu’ah is undeseriable”.

Moreover, the blessings and forgiveness for the deceased that will be acquired by adhering to the command of Rasulullah (saw) is more worthy then delaying the janazah salah, even with the possibility that more participants may attend.

Sharee’ah has also prohibited the delaying of the burial on account of a certain relative being overseas and this person’s inability to arrive quickly, for example, due to the unavailbility of a flight.

Please note, to enable the burial to take place as quickly as possible, we need to comply with the formalities of the law of this country, which requires that the death is certified and registered. These formalities are extracted from the official document “What to do after a death in England and Wales”.

If the Death Occurs in a Hospital

If the death occurs in a hospital, the hospital will provide a Medical Certificate showing the cause of death or will refer to a coroner if the cause of death is uncertain or questioned. The body is kept in the hospital mortuary until the executor arranges for the body to be taken away.

If the Death occurs at home

If the death occurs at home, the GP is the first person to contact who will verify the death. If the GP is not available, then a locum will attend to verify the death and authorise the body to be removed. We can then collect the body and bring it to our mortuary.

If the cause of death is clear and the death was expected due to illness etc, the GP will be able to authoirse the Medical Certificate which the family have to take to the local civic centre (Town Hall) to registrar the death and obtain the Death Certificate and Burial Certificate.

If you are unsure about what to do, call 999 for assisstance.

If the death is sudden or its cause is uncertain, a post-mortem will be required. The deceased will be removed by the Coroners Service to a hospital where an autopsy will be carried out to establish the cause of death. If the cause is natural, the Coroner will issue a Death Certificate (Form 100 – Pink). If the cause is not natural, an inquest is required, but the Coroner will issue the Order for Burial (Form 101).

In the meantime or after the cause of death has been established, the Coroner will issue a Certificate After Inquest (Form 99) to the local Registrar where the family can then register the death and receive the Death Certificate.

For more information please email funerals@hendonmosque.co.uk.

To avoid delay, the death must be registered by the Registrars of Births and Deaths for the sub-district in which the death occurred. You can find their address by visiting the official website of the General Register Office, in the phone book under ‘Registration of Births, Deaths & Marriages’, from the doctor, local council, post office or police station.

Check when the registrar will be available and whether only you need to go along. It may be that someone other than you will be needed to give information for the death to be registered.

If the death has been referred to the coroner, it cannot be registered until the registrar has received authority from the coroner to do so (see above), otherwise, go to the registrar as soon as possible.

When you go to the registrar you should take all these:

The medical certificate of the cause of the death

The deceased’s medical card, if possible

The pink form (form 100), if one has been given to you by the coroner

The deceased’s birth and marriage certificates, if available

You should tell the registrar:

The date and place of death

The deceased’s last (usual) address

The deceased’s first names and surname (and the maiden name where appropriate)

The deceased’s date and place of birth (town and country if born in the UK, and country if born abroad)

The deceased’s occupation and the name and occupation of their spouse

Whether the deceased was getting a pension or allowance from public funds

If the deceased was married, the date of birth of the surviving widow or widower.

The Registrar will give you:

A Certificate for Burial – known as the Green Form – (unless the coroner has already given you an Order for Burial). The original copy should be taken to the funeral director to allow for the burial to be booked at the cemetery. Cemeteries do not accept any bookings without a coy of this form. The original copy will then be sent to the cemetery on the day of the burial. 

We try our best to keep the costs as low as possible so that families do not have to suffer unduly expenses in their period of bereavement.

Adult (with casket/coffin) – £1250 + Cemetery Charges

Adult (For burial at Gardens of Peace) – £1300 + Cemetery Charges

Child (6 to 15yrs) – £1100 + Cemetery Charges (if applicable)

Child (1 to 5yrs) – £550 + Cemetery Charges (if applicable)

Child (under 1yr) – £350 + Cemetery Charges (if applicable)

Still born (Green Certificate) – £350 + Cemetery Charges (if applicable)

Foetus (White Certificate) – £350 + Cemetery Charges (if applicable)

Repatriation (worldwide) – £1350 + Cargo & drop off to airport (contact us for more information)

Please note there will be an additional cost for out of hour evening and weekend services.

Local Cemetery Charges: (from April 2024)

Hendon Cemetery & Mill Hill Cemetery (Barnet Residents) – £4446.00

Carpenders Park Cemetery (Brent Residents) – £4720.00

Carpenders Park Cemetery (Harrow Residents) – £4900.24

Harrow Weald Cemetery (Harrow Residents ) – £4900.24

Greenford Park Cemetery – Southall (Ealing Residents) – £4485.00

Gardens of Peace Cemetery (All Muslim Cemetery) – £3700.00

Additional Facilities:

Mortuary – 48hrs use of our mortuary is included. Thereafter £25 per day.

Mileage – Transportation within 5m radius for the deceased is included.

Additional Vehicles – We have two fully-equipped vehicles for the transportation of the deceased.

Hearse – We can have a hearse/limo hired for the funeral if requested. 

CT Scan – For details about the CT Scan/MRI as opposed to the autopsy/post mortem, please contact us.

Headstone & Memorials – For details, please contact us.

Emergency Contact

In a case of an emergency, please contact:

Imam Ibrahim Ghari | Funeral Director
M 07949 537 968

Brother Alim Rehman | General Secretary
M 07741 651 172

If we miss your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible (In-shaa-Allaah).

Family feedback

Good evening Sir,

I would just like to extend my gratitude for all that you have done for us today. The effort from your team was unmatched and I am so grateful to have had my grandfathers service carried out by yourselves. Your colleagues are a blessing. Thank you

Sister Mariam K

Salamo aleikom Sheikh Ibrahim,

On behalf the Veseli family I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the service and prayers for our dear mother this week. My wife and her sister would like it to be known that the sisters were very professional throughout ghosl which was a difficult process for them to be part of. You have shown good leadership and communication with the family was first class.

With warmest regards

Shahram Davarnia

Asalam U Alaikum Imam Sahib.

No amount of thanks will be enough to express our sentiments for what you have done. We are now on our journey to peace and Allah azawajal has blessed us with sabr. May Allah jallah jalalahu bless all that you all do. Jazak Allahu Khairan and Barak Allahu feek.

Dr Riaz Ahmed