Funeral Services



Hendon Mosque is a member of the NAFD.

Hendon Mosque has been providing burial services to the Muslim community for many years.

We have a fully-equipped vehicle on standby and, subject to the availability of burial certificates, are usually able to carry out burials on the same day in almost any cemetery.

Professional Service for Men & Women

We have all the equipment, dedicated staff and qualified volunteers required to provide a full service for men and women in a manner that complies with the Shari’ah.

Furthermore, our services meet the professional standards required by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and we have been a member of the NAFD for a number of years.

Our standard service includes:

  • The final bathing (ghusl) of the deceased.
  • The shrouding (kafan) of the deceased.
  • 48hr use of our mortuary.
  • The supply of a suitable coffin/casket.
  • Transport for the deceased within 5 miles radius of the mosque.
  • The Imam’s services upon request.
Standard Charges

We try our best to keep the costs as low as possible so that families do not have to suffer unduly expenses in their period of bereavement. You are requested to contact us for all charges.

  • Adult (with casket)
  • Child (10 to 14yrs)
  • Child (1 to 10yrs)
  • Child (under 1yr)
  • Still born (Green Certificate)
  • Foetus (White Certificate)
Additional Facilities
  • Mortuary: 48hrs use of our mortuary is included.
  • Mileage: Transportation within 5m radius for the deceased is included.
  • Additional Vehicles: We have two fully-equipped vehicles for the transportation of the deceased.
  • Cemetery Charges: Depends upon the rates applied by the respective borough in which the chosen cemetery is located and must be paid.
  • Overseas Funeral Charges: Rates are available upon request.

To view our mortuary, please click here.

For details about the CT Scan /MRI as opposed to the autopsy, please click here.

Emergency Contact

In case of emergency, please contact the following:

Sh. Ibrahim Ghari: 07949 537 968

Zahoor Ahmed: 07912 603 156



[Last updated 24/05/2021]