Syria Urgent Appeal 2016

On Friday the 30th and Saturday 31st December 2016, Hendon Mosque in association with Anaya Aid Charity, collected vital life saving aid to send to Syria.

We have been amazed by our Ummahs overwhelming support and generosity. Our appeal and announcement reached far and wide to places like Leicester, Newcastle and Scotland. Outside the UK received donations and contribution from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Qatar.

Your effort in our ‘Syria Aid Appeal’ allowed us to achieve the following:

1. A purchase order of £5000 worth of blankets – 500 in total;

2. Just over £7200 in donations; and

3. Two van loads of food Aid

Our team of external volunteers, who took a day off work to assist, worked all day receiving food items and medical supplies and loading the van.

Above Nurul Miah & Nayim Kadri with the aid donated


Above Nurul Miah loading the van

Hendon Mosque would like to convey their special thanks to special task force of Brothers – Robani Samad, Tahir Khawaja, Abass Salim & Nurul Miah, for taking time off work and coming all the way from East London to help out.

Above the team from left to right Tahir Khwaja, Nurul Miah, Robani Samad & Abbas Salim


Above the team with Br Raffi from Anaya.

The team waited till after Asr salaat, after which we then went to the Anaya Aid warehouse in Harlesden (

The team off-loaded the van and met the Anaya Aid team & their volunteers.

We saw at first hand their hard work and dedication. A round the clock operation of packing items and getting it ready for the container for shipment.

One of the priorities this winter is to help those in Syria to keep warm. Winter will make an already unbearable situation even worse. Hendon Mosque ordered 500 blankets for Anaya Aid to send in their container travelling out on the 3rd January. On Sunday I took along a member of our congregation Brother Anisur Rehman to their West London warehouse, where he presented our consignment of blankets to Anaya Aid branch manager Br Usman.

Br Anisur Rehman delivering a consignment to Br Usman. 

Br Anisur Rehman saw for himself the immense task of packing the aid by volunteers at the warehouse. 

Please make duaa for all the volunteers that have helped and especially those dedicated personnel volunteering at Anaya Aid Charity warehouse, who are working tirelessly everyday to pack and send Aid to Syria on a daily basis. We pray that Allah grant them and all of you, jazakallah khair for your efforts and donations.

I will inshallah make further appeals for aid to send to Syria in due course. The next shipment consignment will be in mid January, where I plan to send a further consignment of blankets and clothes. Please check for updates at the Hendon Mosque website,


Nayim Kadri

On behalf of Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre.