Ramadan Taraweeh Bookings

By the grace of Allah SWT, Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre is preparing to offer taraweeh prayers for the public, but due to adherence to the governments Covid-19 safety guidance we will have limited spaces available. You will be required to register your interest for attending Esha/Taraweeh prayers, In the event that applications exceed the available space, then lots will be drawn, thereafter all successful applicants will be notified and issued with a Pass.

Where it is necessary to come with others from your household we have included the option to group a booking together, but this will require an explanation why it is needed.

Please ensure you do not make multiple bookings as it may void your request.

All applicants are required to abide by the covid-19 safety guidance protocols in place whilst attending the Mosque and is subject to the following conditions:

  • You must bring the “Pass” which will be checked before entry is permitted for Esha/Taraweeh
  • You are to bring your own Prayer Mat, Shoe bag and wear a Face covering at all times
  • You understand there is “No Seating” “Washroom” or “Wudhu” facilities in the Masjid
  • You are not above the age of 70 or under the age of 12 years

In addition you, and anyone else that will be coming with you, must also accept and confirm the following as conditions for booking and attending Hendon Mosque:

  • I confirm I am in good health and without any Covid-19 symptoms (for example persistent cough, high temperature, flu, shortness of breath or loss of smell) and also do not have any other pre-existing medical condition/s.
  • I confirm there are no vulnerable members of my household that are at higher risk of Covid-19.
  • I confirm if I or anyone I am in contact with has been tested positive, then I will follow the Government guidelines regarding getting tested; if positive then staying at home and self isolating if required.
  •  I confirm I will inform Hendon Mosque by email to cancel my space if I am unable to attend Esha/Taraweeh for any reasons including above, so the space can be allocated to another person
  • I confirm I will follow all guidelines in place and adhere to instructions given by staff and volunteers during my visit to Hendon Mosque.
  • I confirm I understand that the ‘Pass’ can be revoked at any time

Unfortunately due to space and one way exiting we will not have any spaces for sisters.

Please DO NOT make a booking if you cannot accept all of these terms as the safety of all visitors, staff and volunteers is of paramount importance to us and are there to protect the whole community and help us work with the NHS Track & Trace teams should the need arise.

[Bookings Currently Suspended]