Prayers: Ramadan & Taraweeh

Ramadan Timetable 2018/1439H

Please note: The management of Hendon Mosque has adopted the prayer times published by London Central Mosque & the Islamic Cultural Centre, (ICCUK),

Should you desire to follow the timings based upon 18 degrees for London, they can be accessed here (external link).

Taraweeh Prayers

Please note that the Mosque gets very busy during the Taraweeh Prayers and there may be queues outside when the Mosque is full.

It is very important to remember that Hendon Mosque is located in a residential area which means that we must take special care to ensure that our Ibaadah (worship) does not become a burden on our local community.

Please, therefore:

  • Perform wudu at home.
  • Park your car in the car park at Warner Close or in another location which will not inconvenience others.

Please note that the doors close when the mosque is full and are re-opened when the there is space, very often after the first eight Rak’at.