To accommodate for the large number of Muslims coming to pray on Fridays, two separate prayers take place providing facilities for a total of 1,500.

Participants of the first prayer benefit from a lecture given in English or Urdu, whilst participants of the second prayer are restricted to the Khutbah only. (In either case, it is very important to note that listening to the Khutbah is part of the Jum’a Salah.)

Summer Programme
Prayer #1 12:45 Lecture
13:10 First Khutba
13:20 First Jama’a
Prayer #2 13:50 Second Khutba
14:00 Second Jama’a
Winter Programme
Prayer #1 12:00 Lecture
12:20 First Khutba
12:30 First Jama’a
Prayer #2 13:05 Second Khutba
13:15 Second Jama’a

The winter programme begins on the 1st Friday after the clocks go back 1 hour (normally the last weekend of October) and the summer programme begins on the 1st Friday after the clocks go forward 1 hour (normally the last weekend of March).



It is very important to remember that Hendon Mosque is located in a residential area and that Friday is a working and busy day for the surrounding community.

This means that we must take special care to ensure that our Jum’a does not become a burden on our local community.

Please, therefore:

  • Perform wudu at home.

Please note that the doors close when the mosque is full and are re-opened when the first prayer is completed.