CT Scan

Facts behind the CT Scan as an alternative to the post mortem/ autopsy

The family of the deceased now have the choice to request a CT scan as an alternative to the post mortem (autopsy). But before deciding whether this is the right choice, there are number of facts that should be understood.

The Autopsy

The procedures for the autopsy should be understood.

Autopsies can be carried out on the same day or the next day. It involves the pathologist examining the body in order to determine the cause of death and in many cases is a very precise process with the pathologist having the required knowledge of what to look for and where.

Once the cause of death has been established, the body is released for burial. No organs are removed, and the body is intact.

The CT Scan (MRI)

The CT scan is a private procedure that requires payment and is not a free service offered by the NHS or the Coroners Mortuary.

This involves the transportation of the body to the relevant centre where the facilities exist. The centre which serves North London is in Oxford. Before taking the body to the centre, an appointment has been made. This can be a lengthy procedure as there may well be a waiting list.

The cost of a standard funeral at present is in the region of £4000. The current cost of the CT scan can be around £1000 to £1500. The cost of transportation via a private ambulance to the center where CT scan is being done must also be added to the final price.

Furthermore it should also be noted that if the results of the CT scan are inconclusive, an autopsy may still need to be carried out and this is decided by the coroner’s office.

In summary, it must be noted that there are significant costs, an increase in the time of burial, more administration and there is no guarantee that it will replace the autopsy.

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