Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination

Hendon Mosque in partnership with our local Medical Centre are reaching out to you if you are 70 years or and have not yet had the Coronavirus vaccination.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating around making some in our communities to believe that the contents used in the vaccine are “haraam” or that there is a hidden agenda in making us all take the Vaccine.

We cannot stress enough the importance of taking the vaccination, but If you have any concerns or wish to have a better understanding then please refer to below links from a diverse range of Muslim organisations and bodies giving advice on this topic.

Islamic Da’wah Academy (IDA):

The British Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI):

Mosque and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB):

British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA):

British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA):


1) Video Clip = Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala:

2) News Article = Shaykh Suliman Gani:

News Article = Shaykh Suliman Gani:

3) Audio Clip = Mufti Menk & Shaykh Suliman Gani: