Prayer Times

Tue 25th July 2017

Fajr Begins 01:54
Jamat 04:30
Sunrise 05:14
Dhuhr Zawal 13:07
Jamat 13:30
Asr Begins 17:21
Jamat 19:30
Maghrib Begins 21:00
Jamat 21:05
Esha Begins 22:11
Jamat 22:21

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Forthcoming Courses

The Final Part of 'Imām Bukhārī's Adab al Mufrad' Course

Course Details

Starting Date: 13th September 2017

Day and Time: Every Wednesday starting at 7:30 pm

Teacher: Imām Shu'ayb Piprawala

Duration: for 5 sessions (includes breaks)

Cost for full course: £Free

Mobile Tel

An Overview of the Book and Course

Adab al Mufrad is a collection of ahadeeth compiled in the ninth century by Imām Abū Abdullāh Muhammad ibn Ismā`īl al-Bukhārī, the same compiler of the renowned Sahih al-Bukhārī. Adab al Mufrad contains1322 narrations in 644 chapters which focus on the daily conduct of a Muslim in order to make him a living embodiment of Islam.

The course is divided into several parts in order to fully understand this great classical work. Although it would be beneficial to attend every part, it is not a necessary requirement.

Students are expected to bring their own materials to take notes if required.

For further details, contact us at